Contact details of all advisers during the Covid-19 Lockdown


Adviser name Email Mobile number
Graydon Sharratt [email protected] 0276125881
Carol Wright [email protected] 079292551
Stephan du Plessis [email protected] 0275552205
Steven Dunning [email protected] 0273070953
Victor Klintcharov [email protected] 074445003
Jim Ennion [email protected] 074445004
Haley Sykes [email protected] 0210489885
Vanessa Sharratt [email protected] 0275552265


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Phone: 0064 7 850 1411

Physical Address: Ground Floor, 11 London Street
Hamilton Central 3204

Postal Address: PO Box 9386
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Hamilton 3240

Email: [email protected]


Phone: 0064 3 934 7170

Physical Address: 76 Peterborough Street
Christchurch City Central, 8013

Postal Address: PO Box 938
Christchurch 8140

Email: [email protected]

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