Covid 19 Update Level 2 - We welcome all our vaccinated clients who would like to see us in person back into our offices. Please note you will be required to wear a mask as per government requirements. All our employees are fully vaccinated. If you prefer we can meet with you online or by phone.
Covid 19 Update Level 2 - We welcome all our vaccinated clients who would like to see us in person back into our offices. Please note you will be required to wear a mask as per government requirements. All our employees are fully vaccinated. If you prefer we can meet with you online or by phone.

Resident Visa Application Processes & Fees

Greenstone Global’s experienced immigration advisers will assist you at each step of the Visa application process.

We know that applying for temporary or residence visa is an expensive and time-consuming task that you want to get right first time. We also understand that our clients seek confidence in their chance of success, before committing to the process. At Greenstone Global your application will be in the hands of our team of licensed immigration advisers. Each application is given a high priority and our commitment is to execute your application in a professional and timely manner.

Our processes are geared to ensure that you have the best chance of a successful application.

Residence Visa Applications

The key to submitting a successful residence application is to plan and execute the application well, ensuring that the application meets every detail required by Immigration New Zealand – as the detail in Immigration New Zealand instructions is often the cause of most declined applications.  Our aim is to have certainty of a reasonable chance of success BEFORE we submit any residence application on your behalf.

1. Initial assessment (residence)

In this phase, we give you an in-depth, written assessment based on the documentation you provide us. This determines (with a high degree of certainty) the number of points you are able to claim under the skilled migrant category or any other category.  Your Greenstone adviser will refer to relevant Immigration and Protection Tribunal appeals and will also discuss points of concerns with INZ technical advisers where appropriate to ensure that your individual circumstances fit within INZ instructions or interpretation.

This effort ensures you do not waste time and money applying for points that you are unlikely to be awarded. We also review your documentation at this point and advise where further supporting documentation is required.

2. Expression of Interest Phase (skilled migrant applications and some investor and entrepreneur applications)

In this stage we:

  • Complete the Expression of Interest online for you
  • Guide you through the NZQA process, if required
  • Notify you of supporting documentation still required to get your application up to a high standard
  • Assist with information on registering with professional authorities if required
  • Confirm technical policy issues with the Immigration New Zealand Technical Adviser, if required
  • Liaise with Immigration New Zealand with a view to securing your invitation to apply for residence
  • Plan proof of your English abilities

3. Application for Residence Phase

During this final phase we:

  • Are able to use our experience and knowledge to promote your best interests during the process in order to give you the maximum opportunity to obtain your residence visa.
  • Focus on getting your documentation organized in a professional, complete format which will limit the need for Immigration NZ to come back and ask for additional information.
  • Assist you with obtaining translations from other languages to English
  • Make certified copies of whatever documentation requires certifying
  • Scan in and store a full copy of your application to Immigration New Zealand and supporting documentation
  • Liaise with Immigration NZ on your behalf throughout the process, dealing with all technical policy issues
  • Help you work through any Health or Character issues
  • Promote your best interests until a decision is made on your application
  • Assist you in any additional requirements after receiving an approval in principal from Immigration New Zealand.

We have also won many appeals against Immigration New Zealand decisions that we felt were blatantly incorrect or unfair and will advocate for you to the best of our ability.

Complete our online questionnaire so we can give you the most accurate assessment for your next steps


Our fees are dependent on the complexity of the application. Fees are always agreed upon in advance in the signed contract, so there are no surprises. We will always quote individually to make sure that the fees are fair and reasonable given the particular circumstances of the case.

Fees for residence applications are also split into the various stages of the application process, and no fees are payable until the milestones required to start the next stage are achieved. Fees are payable by direct transfer or credit card.

The guidelines for our fee range (exclusive of GST) are as follows (these are for a single principal applicant including a partner and dependent children. We also provide competitive rates for any temporary visas required during your residence process):

Skilled Migrant Category

NZ$4,600 – NZ$6,000, split into four stages: Assessment, Expression of Interest, Submission and Success.

Partnership and Dependent Children

NZ$2,500 – NZ$3,000 split into two phases: Submission and Success.

Business and Investors

Individually priced according to the level of expertise required by the client, and whether business plans are to be included or not.

Ministerial Appeals or Appeals to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal

Individually priced according to the complexity of the case.

Please note that Immigration New Zealand application fees/levies and other costs such as medicals, police clearances, translations etc. are not included in the above consultancy fees. A full list of anticipated disbursements will be provided in our written agreement so that the client is able to budget accurately.

“We are extremely satisfied with the services if Greenstone Global. The professionalism and integrity of the team and the transparency which they performed their work and in their dealings with us are what led to the success of our application.” 

Benjamin and Grace Belisario