Partnership and family visas

Partnership work visas

Work visas obtained under the Family – Partnership category allow you to work for any employer in any occupation.  Work visas under this category can be applied for by partners of mid-skilled or high- skilled essential skills work visa holders, or by partners of New Zealand residents or citizens.  Note that partners of low-skilled visa holders no longer qualify for work visas based on partnership.  You are considered by Immigration New Zealand to meet partnership requirements for temporary visas if you are living together with your partner in a genuine and stable relationship, irrespective of whether you are married.

Dependent children

If your child is under 18 years old, single and financially dependent on you, they may be eligible for a student visa or a visitor visa so they can live in New Zealand with you.

Parent and grandparent visas

Parents and grandparents of New Zealand citizens or residents may be granted a multiple-entry 3 year visitor visa allowing visits of 6 months. This allows parents and grandparents to stay in New Zealand for up to a maximum of 18 months in total over the 3 year period.

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